Mercoid Ds-231-2-8, Series Ds Bourdon Tube Pressure Switch

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Series DS Bourdon Tube Pressure Switche, Model - Fixed Deadband, Switch Type (Matl / Hsg Prefix) - Mercury Switch , Bourdon Tube Material - Brass, Housing - Standard with Bottom Connection, Circuit 9-51 NC, SPST, Range 10 - 200 psig Mercoid Controls - Division of Dwyer Instruments, Inc

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Customers tell us that this is the best pressure switch made

Features Visible calibrated dial On/off indication External switch setpoint adjustments Minimum deadband is obtainable at any point in the range Pressure Ranges of full vacuum to 8000 psig UL listed, CSA approved

The D Series has extremely high sensitivity and great repeatability

The DS Models are equipped with a single external adjustment for setting operating point only

The Mercoid D Series is one of the world's broadest lines of pressure switches

The deadband is fixed at a factory setting and cannot be altered in the field

Whatever your application might be, it is most probable it can be fully satisfied with a D Series pressure switch