Wd Ultrastar Dc Sa620 Sdlf1Crm-016T-1Ha1 1.60 Tb Solid State Drive - Sata (Sata/600) - 2.5" Drive - 1.8 Dwpd - 5256 Tb (Tbw) - Internal

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Elastic Infrastructure is Essential for Cloud and Software-Defined Storage EnvironmentsElastic infrastructure powers databases, mission-critical applications, mobile apps, collaboration, and IT infrastructure

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Delivering up to 52K random mixed 70/30 R/W IOPS and maximum write latencies as low as 56 microseconds, DC SA620 is well-suited to support demanding tiers of service at multi-petabyte capacity levels.Ultrastar DC SA620 price/performance value is achieved by leveraging enterprise-class performance to enable cloud storage and compute density without the sacrifice of a low latency QoS or write operations

The ability to achieve maximum performance, while achieving price/performance based on commodity hardware is crucial for cloud delivery on an elastic infrastructure.Ultrastar DC SA620 SATA SSDs Deliver Economics to Cloud and Hyperscale Data CentersTo help enable elastic infrastructure for the cloud era, Western Digital offers a SATA SSD with price/performance capability to enable cloud and software-defined storage to provide elastic performance for latency-sensitive workloads.Ultrastar reg DC SA620 is a flash-based SATA SSD that offers up to 1.92TB of capacity and works within existing infrastructure

Though many varieties of proprietary, high-performing storage solutions already exist, cloud service providers and software- defined storage solutions, e.g., hyperconverged infrastructure, architect their systems to maximize the utility of standard, commodity hardware

Ultrastar DC SA620 provides an overall lower total cost of ownership TCO based on the ability to achieve storage and compute density for elastic cloud computing

Whether delivered by cloud service providers or cloud-like software-defined storage solutions, elastic infrastructure requires storage performance to enable the type of data services that help run enterprises or enable personal productivity and leisure time.Storage performance-intensive I/O operations at low response times-is key to enabling transaction processing that is the basis of cloud-based e-commerce, micropayments, in-app purchases, and on-premises software-defined storage to run enterprise latency-sensitive workloads.Cloud Economics Require Price/PerformanceIn order for XaaS cloud business models and software-defined storage solutions to flourish, price/performance must be attainable

With data center features to support mission- critical types of data services, Ultrastar DC SA620 delivers a balance of storage capacity and performance