Heskins Nstxc_N_43, Safety Grip Extra Coarse Tape, Black, 43" X 60'

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Extra Coarse Safety Grip is an incredibly durable and abrasive heavy duty anti slip tape, designed for use in heavy duty industrial environments

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Areas that are exposed to mud, clay and even ice and snow will benefit from Extra coarse Safety Grip tape as an anti slip solution

Features Copes with harsh conditions and heavy use Suitable for areas exposed to snow and ice

In it's a place, a more heavy duty plastic backing is used to adhere the abrasive granules to, increasing durability for heavy outdoor use

It is then coated with a high tack adhesive HG that will adhere efficiently to even low energy surfaces

One that is so heavy, that the regular plastic backing carrier is not suitable, as it would be more prone to splitting

X-coarse uses an especially large aluminum oxide grit granule