Mahr Federal 4151706, Digital Micrometer Micromar 40 Ewr

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Micromar Waterproof Digital Micrometer 40 EWR with Reference Lock / without Data Output Features: Immediate measurement due to the reference system Marconnect data output, choose alternatively USB opto RS232C Digimatic High contrast Liquid crystal Display with 8.5 mm high digits Hard lacquered steel frame, heat insulated Spindle and anvil are carbide tipped Spindle is made of stainless steel, hardened throughout and ground Ratchet is integrated in the thimble Rapid drive Supplied with: case, battery, operating instructions and setting standard (from measuring range 25-50 mm) Functions: Reset (Zero setting the display for relative measurement) ABS (Switch between relative and absolute measurement) mm/inch reference-Lock/Unlock preSet (reference setting) Data (Data transmission via connection cable)

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