Fragile Printed Tape 2.0 Mil-2" X 110 Yards-216 Rolls = 6 Cases

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One of the benefits of using the Fragile Printed Tape by ShippingSuppliesByMail.Com is that it offers a double message

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Customers are able to buy this tape by the bulk and be well equipped for a substantial amount of time so that their packaging procedures are A1

Now some companies have tried to resort to using their own self-made stickers or have purchased stickers with this warning notification on them

Pre-printed boxes with the fragile/handle with care notice cost the purchaser more and since corrugated boxes are already expensive and digs into profits, Fragile Printed Tape offers you more bang for your buck

See, the message not only shows concern for the inner contents, it also protects the worker and shipper from damage and liability

Some companies attempt to save dollars but end up costing themselves more damage in the long run because of attempting to relay the same message in a cheaper or more expensive fashion

The problem with that is that their adhesive levels are not prepped to endure and so they generally fall off, therefore causing damage to the package

The words Fragile and Handle with Care are expressly on these tapes so that shippers are solicited to understand the nature of the package they are handling

This helps them to be more careful in how they brace the package and in many regards this helps their job to flow easier