Flowline At12-3610-E, Thermo-Flo Liquid Flow Controller

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Flowline, AT12-3610-E, Thermo-Flo 3/4" NPT 240VAC Liquid Flow Controller w/ PVDF Sensor & Strobe Alert Features: Rugged Polypropylene-Ryton or PVDF sensor for corrosive liquids and gases

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Application Offered in liquid and gas sensor types, the general purpose flow switch package provides reliable no or low-flow detection of relatively clean non-coating media with a 16A compact flow controller for pump or process protection

Available in Polypropylene-Ryton and PVDF, the short flow sensor is used in pipe or ducting from 1/2 quot to 1 1/2 quot , and the long flow sensor is used in 2 quot and up

Fail-safe relay control of pumps or valves with 0-60 second delay

Includes Thermo-Flo XT10 Liquid amp Gas Flow Switch Part FT10-5305

Invert switch changes relay state from NO to NC without rewiring

Liquid examples includes water and sulfuric acid

Optional strobe brings immediate attention to flow alarm conditions

Polypropylene enclosure rated NEMA 4X with swivel base for conduit alignment

Solid state sensor is not damaged by over-ranging flow velocities

Switch Pro Compact Relay Controller Part LC10-1002 .

The flow sensor is best applied in applications with relatively constant temperature

The flow switch set point may be adjusted from 0.04 to 3 fps in liquids, or 1 to 90 fps in gases for low-flow control

The optional flash alarm brings attention to low-flow alarm conditions