Mahr Federal 2011137, Series B B7O Dial Indicator, 0-25-0 Dial Face

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Mahr, 2011137, Series B B7O Dial Indicator, 0-25-0 Dial Face, 0.125" Span, 0.001" Graduation Features: Unit construction and removable movement save repair/cleaning time and maintenance Hardened gears and stainless steel racks provide lasting protection against indicator failure due to shock or wear Jeweled bearings resist friction, add to longer indicator life Skeletonized, hobbed gears for more sensitive response, superior indicator accuracy with minimal hysteresis error Special steel alloy, balanced dial hand affords no shift, precise reading Controlled rack and pinion mesh eliminates slope for precise response and reading Smooth adjusting bezels for easy setup Positive pressure pullback spring requires less maintenance Compliance with ANSI/AGD dimensional and accuracy specifications

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