Vee Gee Scientific 1220Cm-Bp, 1200Cm Series Binocular Microscope

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Vee Gee Scientific, 1220CM-BP, 1200CM Series Binocular Brightfield Achromatic Clinical Microscope 1200CM Series Binocular Brightfield Achromatic Clinical Microscope with Battery Powered LED Supplied with: Dispersion Filter Blue Filter Spare Lamp & Fuse Dust Cover Operation Manual VanGuard 1200CM-Series Clinical Microscopes provide the necessary specifications for diagnostic & educational use in medical/veterinary clinics, universities, and industrial laboratories

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All models feature 10X WideField eyepieces, 20W variable quartz halogen, field diaphragms for Koehler illumination

Choose from standard achromatic or plan achromatic objectives monocular, binocular, or trinocular viewing heads

Features Precision Optics 20W Variable Quartz Halogen Illumination Brightfield amp Phase Contrast Integrated Koehler Illumination

Various camera packages are available as options including digital, video, and 35mm systems

Wide ranges of models are available in Brightfield amp Phase Contrast configurations